North Fremantle


ALMC Tank Lift and Floor Replacement

Work carried out

Disengagement of the air bridge followed by the lifting of a 70-year-old, 650,000 litre, 40 tonne hydrocarbon tank to 1.5m in height using pneumatics. Removal of redundant base course and changing of the floor configuration from “cone up” to “cone down”. Removal of redundant floor, installation of a new laser cut floor and returning the tank in original position with full non-destructively tested welds.


  • Job set up
  • Perform initial lift
  • Lift differentially to required height using pneumatics & pine lifting / blocking sties
  • Initiate removal of base course with APMS conveyor system
  • Correct concrete ring beam (pour fresh level concrete)
  • Re-instate new base course including accurate civil works (correct gradient)
  • Lay out, joggle & tack new floor
  • Lower tank differentially to correct working height
  • Remove old floor in manageable sections
  • Rest tank on new floor
  • Tack tank shell to new floor
  • Weld floor & shell
  • Vacuum box & Magnetic Particle test welds during course