Coogee Chemicals / WTS


Henderson, Western Australian


Industrial Tank Lift & Floor Replacement

Work carried out

Removal of the redundant floor and installation of newly fabricated laser cut floor. The tank was returned to its original position with full non-destructively tested welds.


  • Job set up
  • Perform initial lift
  • Lift differentially to required height using pneumatics & pine lifting / blocking sties
  • Initiate removal of base course with APMS conveyor system
  • Correct concrete ring beam (pour fresh level concrete)
  • Re-instate new base course including accurate civil works (correct gradient)
  • Lay out, joggle & tack new floor
  • Lower tank differentially to correct working height
  • Remove old floor in manageable sections
  • Rest tank on new floor
  • Tack tank shell to new floor
  • Weld floor & shell
  • Vacuum box & Magnetic Particle test welds during course